Pretty in Ink Frenchies is located in the beautiful Treasure Valley of Idaho. We live on acreage, so our babies have plenty of room to run and play. Our frenchies live in the house with us, help take our kids to school, and sleep in our beds at night. We try to constantly introduce them to new experiences like playing in the ocean, going to the city to the Farmer’s Market, or take them shopping to pick out new clothes and treats. We love spoiling them!

We have owned/bred/shown dogs since 2001, and so loving dogs and having them be a part of our family has been a huge part of our lives. Our children have grown up with a dog always by their side, oftentimes getting into some type of mischief or another together. Both of our girls have traveled the country with us, learning the technique of showing dogs. They have had a hand in training from the time our dogs were pups, gently teaching our babies and helping them grow into happy, well adjusted dogs.

We discovered French Bulldogs about 10 years before we ever got our first one. We started with American Bulldogs, and we loved the idea of a bulldog personality in a smaller package. Once we got our first Frenchie, we were hooked! They are the best little dogs- spunky and playful, but they will also let you dress them up and sleep in your bed with you at night. Every one of them has a different personality, and it is hard to imagine how they fit all that personality into their little frames. They are little clowns, and they constantly make us laugh and put a smile on our faces.

Our goal is to own and produce healthy, well rounded French Bulldogs that can be cherished family members. We do health testing on the dogs in our breeding program- at this time, we are mainly targeting certifications with OFA for patella and cardiac issues. We do not breed dogs that have allergies, chronic ear infections, or do not otherwise pass our health screenings. We believe in only using the best quality dogs that we can for breeding- dogs that can breathe and play without serious concern. (Keeping in mind that French Bulldogs are not endurance animals, and care should always be taken in extreme temperatures.)

We do have some exotic colors, but most of our breeding stock are standard colors out of well known show lines. With our show background, it is important to us to stay as true to conformation standard as possible. Our dogs range in size from 20-28 lbs (breed standard is 28 lbs or less.) Our ideal size is between 22-24 lbs. We don’t breed for extreme traits as we prefer that our dogs be able to function and live pain free lives where they can play and have fun with their humans for as long as possible. We have recently starting showing our frenchies, and look forward to embarking on that incredible journey with them in the quest for Championship titles in AKC, UKC, and AMA.

We usually have puppies about four times a year. All of our puppies are vet checked before leaving for their new homes and they also come with a microchip and a one year health guarantee. We prefer that our puppies go to pet homes, but we will consider offering breeding rights to a small in home breeding program. We do not offer puppies to kennels or owners that keep their dogs outside. Frenchies are the happiest when they are with their family. Our females are generally retired after having two to three litters. We do not sell our adults to breeding programs as we do not believe in over-breeding. Occasionally we will offer young retired adults to loving pet families at a discounted price.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this amazing breed, or to inquire about adding a new member to your family. We truly believe that French Bulldogs make the world a brighter place!